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Created on 2015-04-01 18:58:20 (#2394535), last updated 2015-04-10 (131 weeks ago)

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Name:Eclectic Muses
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Eclectic Muse - where AU is canon, more often than not.

eclectic_muse is a multifandom roleplaying community for a [personal profile] urbandruid and her friends, all of whom tend to have far, far too many muse and pup journals, and nothing better to do with them.

The rules, such as they are:

Have fun. There are no minimum posting requirement, no activity checks. Just post what you feel like when you feel like it.

Put anything really long, anything potentially triggering, or- and this is really important- anything with spoilers under a cut.

Use tags if you want, it helps to organize things. Go ahead and create tags for your characters and whatever else you want. Try to keep it to the same way I have the tags set up for other things, just for organization's sake.

Rating-wise, anything goes, just use the "content: may contain 18+" tag so people know.

I think that's about it. :)
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