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First, the cast list

Jack Bristow: [personal profile] spydad
Irina Derevko: [personal profile] irina_derevko
Nadia Santos: [personal profile] thelostdaughter
Arvin Sloane: [personal profile] crazyunclearvin

Babylon 5/Crusade
Galen: [personal profile] castingshadows
Anna Sheridan: [personal profile] shadow_within

Battlestar Galactica (remake)
Kara Thrace: [personal profile] captainthrace

Blacklist, The
Raymond Reddington: [personal profile] theskyisred

River Tam: [personal profile] thealbatross

Harry Potter
Lilith Adler (Original): [personal profile] slytherinauror
Ethan Blakely (Original): [personal profile] aurorblakely
Penelope Clearwater: [personal profile] ravenauror
Minerva McGonagall: [personal profile] gryffinknight
Alastor Moody: [personal profile] constant_vigil
Pansy Parkinson: [personal profile] purelypansy
Severus Snape: [personal profile] alchemistical

Honor Harrington
Roberta Stanton Pierre (Original): [personal profile] daughterofhaven

Star Wars
Gilad Pellaeon: [personal profile] thelastadmiral
Jaina Solo: [personal profile] jaina_solo

seaQuest DSV
Marilyn Stark: [personal profile] captain_stark

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